Monday, April 12, 2010

Update 4/12

Going with my emerging markets theme, I'm going to buy one hundred of Vietnam's ETF (ETF VNM) and one hundred of Colombia's ETF (ETF GXG) and two hundred of Peru's ETF (ETF EPU); the GXG I'll buy at $32.40, the EPU at $34.75 and the VNM at $25.75.. all of these nations: Indonesia, Peru, Colombia and Vietnam.. have young, large & increasingly educated populations, abundant natural resources, and pro-business governments. They all also have "issues".. political instability, corruption, etc.. but in these case I'm thinking the potential benefits outweigh the potholes.

Update 5pm:

Got one hundred IDX at $71.75
Got one hundred GXG at $32.40
Got one hundred VNM at $25.75
Got two hundred EPU at $34.75

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