Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update 12/3

Going to change up on the copper order.. today it was down to $3.17, so will put in two orders: one to "buy" at $3.20 and a goal of $3.25 with a three cent trailing stop; second is to "sell" at $3.08, again with a three cent trailing stop.

Today there was an interesting rumor that Japan was going to sell $100 billion of US Bonds back to the US.. so far unsubstanciated, but the markets did what would've been expected of such a move.. Bond rates went up some, the USD strengthened and the JPYen weakened, which is what Japan wants.. but this must be giving Bernanke and Geithner headaches. Japan is going to do something here, and very soon.. and this would be made to order for the Japanese, but not us. It also puts into question whether the Japanese will "roll over" their shorter term treasuries early next year when there will be a flood of them coming due or whether they'll cash them out. Unfortunately for us, this is exactly what Japan should be doing.