Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Update 12/2

My copper play paid off again.. I "bought" March copper at $3.20 yesterday; it closed yesterday at $3.234; todayit went up to $3.26 and so I was out at $3.24 for another $1,000 profit, bringing my imaginary account to $13,027 now. It also closed near the day's lows, portending another rise tomorrow. I'll put in an order to "buy" at $3.27 with a three cent stop loss and no goal.. just going to let it ride since it's so intent on going to the moon. One day this baby's gonna fall, and hard.. but until it does, I'm aboard the rocket to the moon. I'll also put a "sell" order for $3.00, three cent stop, just in case the bottom does fall out.


  1. LOVE your blog. Too bad our politicians arent this plain spoken. but then, theyd all be dead.

    great work. keep it up man.