Sunday, February 5, 2012

Video: The Future of Energy & Community Solutions

This morning I came across a video of Nicole Foss {aka Stoneleigh of the Automaticearth blog} in regards to how Peak Oil and economic collapse will affect us and talks about some community based solutions. It's an hour long-- get a cup of strong java-- but it's a must see.


  1. I've been a believer in peak oil since '03. Bought a bunch of oil sands stocks and waited for the money to roll in. Still waiting for that peak oil and the money. In 'o8 peak oil was worth $30/ bbl. That wasn't the way I was told it would work.
    I'm a gold bug too. Got a bunch of junior miners that are going to take off any day now.
    Gold going to $5K.
    I'm starting to think I might wind up the richest guy in the cemetery.
    Enjoy the blog. As with everything else in life, the timing counts.

  2. Thanks for posting this, it was refreshing to watch a commentator with no political agenda, that is not swayed by the current propaganda. She speaks alot about the way I try to speak to alot of people and close firends. Politicians and the banksters are trying to divied people based on the emotions she speaks about. I too fell for the game until I spoke a professer about it and he said the same thing. I now put my emotions aside and see alot clearer now.

    The toughest thing for me to do is to just shut up when people will get upset when presented with facts. I think this is going to end badly for alot of people but especailly those in large metropolitan areas. They depend on most of the country for all food and goods for the most part.

    Thank GCT