Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kyle Bass & Ray Dalio videos on Europe

I'm enjoying my grandkiddies waaayyy too much this weekend and don't have time for any in depth articles; suffice it to say that the coordinated Central Bank interventions in EU money markets were a sign to all of just how bad things in Europe have gotten.

Kyle Bass and Ray Dalio are, in my opinion, the two best economists in America-- hands down. When these two men begin speaking, the rest of the room falls silent, hoping beyond hope to catch a morsel of useful information. Fortunately for the rest of us, this week both have granted interviews that are must watches. The Dalio video is a tad long, but worth the watch since he only gives interviews perhaps once a year. Both talk about the end game in Europe.

The following article is another man's {very likely accurate} version of "The Day Greece Dies" and is very much worth a read. In the comments section there is a response that has to do with Argentina that is also a must read:

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