Friday, June 4, 2010

Update 6/4

Today was going to be a bad day even before the bell rang; Hungary, which owes about $175bln in foreign debts of various kinds, this morning threatened to default. Most of this debt is held by European (Austrian in particular) banks and their waifer thin leverage ratios. Their currency was in free fall, further exaserbating the problem. The IMF has already been there for two years.. and now this. Then before the bell came the NFP employment numbers.. and they were ugly. The markets went on to lose about 3% of their value today. The Euro broke thru the Swiss Bank's defensive line and ended the day just south of $1.20, likely on it's way to at least $1.15.

7am: Will be selling one copper contract at $2.94 and another at $2.88, both with a five cent trailing stop. Will also be be buying one silver contract at $17.25 open and another at $19.00, both with a one dollar trailing stop. I'm on my way to work now, but will make a fancy post later today. Will exit YCS on open as a way to make the margins work. I'll keep IDX on a short $2.00 trailing stop leash.

5pm: Busy day.. first, my YCS exited at four cents above where I bought it.. a gain of $4, which was promptly used at Starbucks. Copper hit both of my "sell" points and ended the day at $2.82, which was a very nice day for me; I still think copper will hit $2.50 before it's said and done. Silver also hit my "buy" at $17.25, went up a ways then came back down, ending at $17.29. IDX was stopped out at $66.50 for a profit of $150. My "buy" order of SPXU also hit it's $36.00 mark, with SPXU winding up the day at $36.50. So to recap:

Long one Silver from $17.25 (one dollar stop loss)
Short one Copper from $2.94 (fifteen cent stop loss)
Short one Copper from $2.88 (fifteen cent stop loss)
Bought one hundred SPXU @ 36.00 (two dollar stop loss)


  1. Hey there Mr. K at this rate of return you will be able to retire in the year 2100. LOL

    I did not do so well on Friday. My HL that I bought at 5.37 closed down at 5.02. My TGLDX is still humming along, but was down over 1.00 a share. Gold was up so I was down very little.

    The most interesting thing was my gold dealer calling me to by back my Krugs. Not a chance. I do not believe gold is in a bubble, but I do believe US Gov't debt is. Ergo I like TBT for the long haul even though I don't buy ETFs.

  2. Love the grizzly bear picture.

  3. The hungarian PM (or whoever) was merely kithensinking after winning the elections. The media latched on to that. Why would you want to sing in the same tune?